Elham Sarvi

Elham studied Visual Arts at Soreh University, Seneca College, CTSA and Emily Carr. As an Artist she participated in over 20 professional art Exhibitions and as an art instructor, she has over 15 years of experience. Also she works as a volunteer in several art centers such as North Vancouver Arts Council and Evergreen Cultural Centre.

Living as an artist over 25 years gives her freedom to explore and express her being through paintings and photography. "It is a spiritual journey of my personal growth which I express that through colours and forms. So with each canvas I experience a new sense of freedom and emotion and each piece is mystery of my existence. Hence, this is how I meditate".

She is residing in Port Moody, BC and participating in professional art exhibitions besides volunteering in art centers and has art classes for kids and adults in her private studio in Port Moody City of the Arts.

Professional art exhibitions